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Our team of tradesman, technicians and programmers collectively carry over 120 years of experience. We work in some of the most beautiful homes and commercial properties in Sydney. We take the stress out of smart home automation, audio-visual and lighting, taking care of the technical details so that you can enjoy the benefits of technology without the hassle. Our goal is to make your life easier and more enjoyable. From our customer service team right through to our technical staff our focus is on creating a seamless experience for you with regular, consistent communication from the staff dedicated to your project.

Meet Kirt Duryea

Three words that describe you. Honest, detailed and approachable.

What’s the best part of your job? I really enjoy understanding a client’s needs and designing a solution which exceeds this. I love the education process as well. Often a client will have an idea which I can expand on and perfect due to my experience.

What are the coolest trends in audio visual? I think the accessibility to music. It wasn’t long ago that you couldn’t legally get streaming services in Australia. Now there are so many options each with their own twist.

What strategies in home automation create the best bang for buck? The selection of an appropriate control system. One that sits above all the technology in the house and is simple to use. This is the difference between a truly Smart home and just having multiple apps running in your home.

Most memorable project and why? I think that it was probably our first extremely detailed residential project in Mosman. There were endless Off Form concrete walls with services located within. The detail and the finishes required were a new experience which really set the bar higher and it was such a pleasure to be involved.

What is the most common problem you solve? The most common thing is when a client has ended up with a HA/AV solution that isn’t fully integrated. The client is frustrated because it just isn’t working properly. Often it’s the last piece of the puzzle which Instinct delivers, making the house fully communicating, and SMART!

What is a smart home anyway? A smart home is when we get the best use out of technology – systems in the house working together to make life easier…and look really cool! For example, when you come home and your disarm your alarm, the system knows it’s dark and turns on your lights for you. The best smart homes make life much more simple.

What the most exciting part of a project? The most exciting part is when we perform the handover and customer training. Seeing a solution exceed their expectations is wonderful and adding a little wow factor which they didn’t expect gives me a buzz.

What are we likely to see in the home of the future? The amount of connected devices in a home is making the network in the home one of, if not the most, important service. There are certainly benefits that come with a connected world, however there are also problems if the infrastructure is not capable of the demand requested of it. There are applications where lighting is connected purely from a Data cable. No 240v at all. This enables enormous potential in regards to programming and flexibility.

Kirt Duryea

Kirt Duryea


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