Lighting fully in your control and saving you money


Let’s face it: we are all concerned with being green right now.

Lighting needs to be energy efficient but still look good, right?

A smart lighting control system designed and installed by Instinct could take care of anything from switching off lights when you leave a room to integrating with your home security system, so you stay safe and save money at the same time. But best of all it looks amazing!

Even just booking in a service job with us could mean that you swap your old halogen or fluorescent lights with shiny new LEDs that look awesome and give you more bang for your buck.

Instinct works with the most innovate and world leading lighting suppliers to bring you a lighting solution that will suit both your property and your pocket.

Talking with us about what we can do to (please excuse the pun) light up your life, call the office on 02 9938 3188, email us at

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