We are proud of our experience in bringing lighting, home automation and audio visual to some of Sydney’s most beautiful homes and impressive commercial properties, as well as working with some of the finest construction companies and architects.  Please enjoy the following images of some of our completed projects.

Let Us Make Your Beautiful Home Smart

We built a large luxury house at the northern end of Bondi in 2008. Our builder, Bellevarde, which specialises in creating these “dream” homes, are very particular about which trades they employ. Not knowing much about electrical installation, we followed their recommendation and went with Instinct. It’s a decision we’ve never regretted.
I think as a home owner you just want things to turn on when they are supposed to. That’s probably as simple as it gets. And when they don’t turn on, you want to be able to reliably know that someone will be there to support it and fix it. On both counts Instinct have proved their value.
Any electrical firm worth their salt can sell you a smart house with the bells and whistles but what really counts is the advice on what to put into your home, the quality of the installation and their preparedness to service their product and support it. Electrical systems need TLC from time to time and they need a consistent team that understands the house and the way things have been put together and a company that can not only do the initial work but service it year in and year out with a prompt response time and employees who are a pleasure to work with – that’s a rare combination but one I have found that Instinct possesses.
I would use them again, I do still use them and I would recommend them.

Rob K

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